Photo Roundup

Okay, here are the promised photos from our Ecuador project. Didn’t get any of the meal, but here we are making ponchos incorporating pattern and geometric shapes, then our lesson on volcanos which was mega-fun.

Here we are sporting our very trendy ponchos. All the shapes have fallen off now, but hey, never mind.

This is Anna holding up the Ecuadorian flag with our friend Maria who was our inspiration for the project and helped us with all the authentic stuff!

The volcano! The kids did some volcano diagrams from enchanted learning to do the theory, then it was on to the fun stuff! We made the shape out of salt dough that we cooked the night before. The explosion is made by filling the middle of the volcano with bicarbonate of soda, then adding a bit of colour, and some vinegar. It was very impressive, this was the best pic I got but it wasn’t at full bubble here.