Jax’s photoblog meme – a Home Ed day in photos

I’ve decided there really is no such thing as a ‘day in the life’ where we are concerned. I guess some things are more usual than others, but today turned out quite nicely so here we go – wasn’t going to do it today but there was plenty of nice stuff to include, as well as Joe’s random early morning pics! I can’t claim credit for the lovely day we had, as we spent most of it with Sim, Heather and their Pips, so this is half of their day too 😉

Started off with an hour of computer play in my bed – neopets and studydog – for me and Joe. The kids got breakfast while I hoovered, then I asked them to do a couple of pages of maths while I did the kitchen and conservatory floors. Josiah spontaneously took these photos:

Obviously expecting a couple of pages of maths in an hour was too much for certain people; we ended up being an hour late to leave, and still taking the maths book in the car with us to finish on the way! Still, we got to Heather’s in the end. It has been beautiful weather in the south west today so we were outside all day.

Changing the swing seat (obviously a one daddy, three girl job):

Making a den in the climbing frame:

Skipping with ropes and this funny ankle thing (photo by Anna):

We had a lovely lunch outside of homemade pizza, chips & salad, plus a delicious fruit salad (strawberries, mango and banana – yum), then headed off out to the park:

Anna took this one on the way home, just wanted to include it because it was nice – there were a couple of mine and Heather’s backsides too, I’m leaving them out 😉 :

Back at Heather’s the children got the musical instruments out and thus followed an impromptu introduction to the violin for Josiah – he’s been wanting to learn for ages now and was so thrilled when Sim offered to lend him the violin!

Everyone was reluctant to come home. Time with Pip has obviously been an inspiration to Anna, who has had her cello out for a practise this evening (long may it continue!) after Josiah showed Steve the violin.

Phew! Long haul to upload all that, I won’t be doing it again in a hurry – look forward to seeing some other photo-days on the blogring soon :)


  1. says

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  2. Heather says

    Glad you decided to leave out the pics of bottoms!!
    We had a really lovely time and I’m throughly enjoying getting to know the ‘you’ behind the blog. Blog you is lovely, but real you is even more so.

    Love the pic of Pip but the perfectionist in me does so wish she didn’t have pizza smeared across her face and that I *had* washed her hair last night if she’s going to find herself on such a high traffic blog 😉

    Hope Joe’s tummy is settling, poor Joe. But he does look soooo gorgeous with that violin :-)

  3. says

    So, are we looking any less Observer yet? Envious of your weather! It was horrid here today, think only Tim set foot outside, and my washing is somewhat more wet than when it went out, hate it when that happens.

    Sounds like a great day, ‘fraid I do *not* envy you the violin playing though 😉

  4. says

    good piccies, love the ones of the violin playing. SB has little violin thta she likes to ‘play’ :-). In fact she had had it oput in her room when Big was here Jax so watch out :-)

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