Nothing much

We have had a lovely few days entertaining P1, P2 and their children. Well actually they’ve pretty much entertained themselves, today in particular has been a day of doing nothing much alongside one another, very relaxing, if a little lazy ;)

‘Nothing’ included a trip to the bottle bank/corner shop for Anna and Gwenny, where they got very wet as it suddenly poured with rain. Listening to part 3 of the Horse and his Boy on BBC7, along with a bit more hama beading. Eye Toy, Singstar and some driving game or other on the PS2. Racing around with guns (the toy variety, obviously ;) ) Some reading, a bit of Animal Crossing … and a fair bit of food!

Last night was nice too … roast chicken followed by posh Sainsbury’s desserts which the children didn’t like all that much (oh dear, what a shame ;) ), got the kids just about sorted then watched the Apprentice together along with wine and yummy chocolates, then chatted over cds for a while … the older girls were still awake when we went to bed though!!

Personally I just enjoyed being in the company of friends … and I was pleased that it didn’t feel as though too much had changed despite us being traitors to home ed ;) I’m always amazed at how the children get on so well with one another too, I think Joe especially enjoyed having Ernest here :)

So far so good, only one item found that will need returning, Buttercup’s Pants book … I’ll do a swap for the AC:WW guide in 10 days’ time ;)

I liked the fact that P1 blogged for me yesterday, I think I might actually make it a pre-requisite that if any of my blogging friends come round they have to do a guest blog post here, it would amuse me, at least ;)

Tomorrow will be a day of tidying up and washing, I think …


  1. Chris (the portico) says

    Taken over three hours to get home. The M4 between the M5 and M32 interchanges went from 4 to one lane and added well over 30 minutes to our journey.

    I think I might have left my coat, which might be a problem depending what is in the pockets, though I am not sure whether I should ask you to check them.

    Lovely time, thanks to you all. Always feel perfectly relaxed in your house and bed ;-) Looking forward to doing it again soon. Tell Steve that I think our resident slug has been making the most of our absence as they have ventured much further than normal.

  2. says

    that’ll be my blog, sorry :oops: Am in bed already – do you need me to check for your coat now or will the morning do? I can post it tomorrow if necessary …

  3. Chris (the portico) says

    No need to check now. I have my keys, my wallet, my mobile, and my blackberry so I suspect there will be nothing in the pockets.

    Is the bed glowing?

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