Knickers on show

Apparently it is not the done thing to show one’s pants when one does a handstand. So, despite a few very hot days this last week, Abigail has insisted on wearing dark grey winter trousers instead of a skirt, and until today has refused the idea of a summer dress. Because clearly, being able to do handstands is far more important than being at the right temperature :roll: 😉

So today we scoured the shops for a pair of grey culottes which might be the solution to strike a happy medium, but could we find any anywhere? Could we buffalo! Not in the official ‘uniform shop’ of the city, nor in Woolies, or BHS (admittedly didn’t get as far as M&S, must check the website). So, if anyone sees any grey (or mid-blue & white, I suppose!) culottes/skort type things anywhere which might be suitable for schoolwear, we’re interested!

Anna meanwhile had a fabulous time on her residential, the highlight of the trip being the climbing wall, apparently. Lovely to have her back, even if it did mean another early start today for a catchup swimming lesson. The rest of the day is going to be quiet though, I hope, I have laundry to sort (hence the blogging).

Going out this evening on a works meal to Cafe Paradiso so that should be good, I might even wear a dress. I can’t do handstands anyway so I don’t need to worry 😉


  1. Heather says

    Oh, your girls go to a far “nicer” school than Pip….knicker-baring handstands don’t appear to be a faux pas at her school!

  2. Roslyn says

    How about a little pair of white shorts under her dress? Pea often does this for such incidents are not the done thing here so it would seem :-)

  3. says

    kind of defeats the object of being cool (as in temperature!) if you have to wear two layers though, doesn’t it?!

  4. Ruth says

    I know it’s never bothered Riona (as if!) and Caitlin isn’t a handstandy type of girl. Unlike you I am just getting up and we’re off into town later. I will let you know if I find anything suitable. We need to continue the Riona sandal shop. Think of me!

  5. says

    Well, the only places I can think of that I didn’t already look would be M&S or Debenhams. I don’t know why she’s so bothered about it, but yes please, if you see anything buy it and I’ll pay you back later!

  6. Heather says

    What about just putting her PE shorts on under her dress for play and lunch time? What do the other girls do?

  7. Ruth says

    I have just consulted Riona. She said she either doesn’t do handstands (there aren’t many walls around against which to do them at the mo) or she puts her black PE shorts on under her dress.

  8. says

    I dunno, I could suggest that I suppose. I just don’t want to encourage self-consciousness at this age, what’s wrong with seeing your pants at age 7, for goodness’ sake. When they go swimming they’ll see one another in similar attire, what’s the difference. If I think about it for too long the whole thing makes me cross …

  9. Kath says

    Oh I dunno, you could always look at it that it might be harder to encourage modest non-hooker dressing when she’s a teen if it’s OK for her to show her knickers now LOL. Cycle shorts or PE pants under a skirt must be cooler than trousers though.

  10. Heather says

    But my 8 year old does handstands endlessly (craze atm) and shows her knickers (and often her chest), as I have observed do her friends. Does this mean I will find it harder to encourage modest non-hooker dressing when she’s a teen (assuming I consider it my place to)? I would have thought the very opposite true…..assuming this is a social/peer concern Abbie has, then bowing to it now could make it *more* likely that she’ll want to follow the trend in her teens, not less (not that I’m saying you shouldn’t help her find a solution she’s happy with, I would).

    If you had a “no war” emoticon I’d use it here because I’m not meaning to sound remotely antagonistic……

  11. says

    I’m not sure it is a social/peer concern, as far as I have understood it a teacher has said they shouldn’t show their knickers. Or perhaps not a teacher, perhaps a playground assistant of some sort. She was vague as to exactly who it was who’d said it, but it has become a Big Thing, bigger than it needs to be imo. I don’t really care about teenage stuff right at the moment, I just want my 7yo to be able to not care either, and do handstands without worrying but without boiling in trousers! Which is why I thought of culottes, it would just solve the problem all round. That’ll teach me to send her to school, I suppose! But why don’t they make 2-piece summer uniforms for girls, the blue gingham in shorts & blouse wouldn’t be too difficult to make would it?!

  12. says

    oh damn, you don’t know how far outside my comfort zone that would be! I can’t sew for toffee, I really can’t! But making some isn’t a bad idea, if I can twist Steve’s mum’s arm to do the sewing for me. There are patterns out there. Better make next year’s size though as by the time I get round to it the summer term will be over 😉

  13. says

    Saved by Ruth, turns out the lady in Thomas Moore’s (the official uniform shop) was lying to me this morning when she told me they don’t have any :roll: , as Ruth’s just rung to say she’s found some in there!

  14. Kath says

    Heather, I was thinking along the lines of a teen argument going “well when I was 7 you said it was fine to show my knickers, so what’s wrong with this skirt (that only just passes as a belt)” – when does it become unacceptable to show your knickers, or would you say it is always acceptable? Is it a good idea to say no it doesn’t matter and then at a certain age decide it does matter after all – not very consistent? That’s where my argument was coming from. Not the handstands showing your knickers mean you will turn into dressing like a hooker LOL.

    If your 7 year old feels they want to be modest and not show their undies, is it right to say they must? If they don’t care, you don’t care and it’s not illegal, then it doesn’t matter if they show their knickers IMHO.

  15. Heather says

    Kath- of course if your seven year old doesn’t want to show their pants when handstanding then you have to find a solution (as I said above).

    It doesn’t seem to have occured to my 8 yr old to be bothered about her pants showing when she does hand stands but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to be bothered about showing them next year or in her teens! I trust her to decide without my intervention when it’s okay and not okay to show her pants.

    Feel free to quote this at me anytime in the next ten years…… 😉

  16. says

    I can see both your points. And tbh I *haven’t* told Abbie that I disagree with what she’s been told, because I guess I do think some element of modesty is a good thing (and I had the opposite problem with Anna for a while!). It just felt like it was too early for it to be such a big deal to her.

    Pleased to have some skorts as a solution though, Ruth if you’re reading I could pop down this afternoon and pick them up?

  17. Ruth says

    Sorry Sarah – we seemed to miss each other today. Do you seriously get up at 0518 (or even 0618) to blog?! R.x

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