Can’t blog, won’t blog

Really don’t feel like blogging but having downloaded from the camera I suppose I might manage to put a few pictures together and come up with a blog post!

Josiah and I have had Robyn with us all week so we’ve kept busy which is good all round, it means Joe and I don’t annoy one another too much, Joe and Robyn annoy one another instead 😉

Monday was shopping day, then we baked cookies, then just played at home. As usual breathed a sigh of relief when Anna got home as she is so great with Robyn! Mollie and Ruby came over too, and they all played with Robyn’s playdoh for hours :)

On Tuesday we went swimming in the morning, which was pretty fun although Joe just seemed out of place and huge in the little pool with a bunch of toddlers.

Ready to swim

Swimming was enough to wipe Robyn out for the afternoon (mission accomplished!) so she slept and we played Zelda, then had Ruth round for a cup of tea before going on to the park then school to retrieve the big girls.

Anna had cello after school; the rest of us went to the park while she was there and I met an old friend, so it was nice to have someone to chat to (makes the park bearable!), and generally catch up with her and her family.

Wednesday‘s activity was home ed group at the park; Josiah made another new friend (hurrah) and Robyn enjoyed bimbling around the park too. Came home in time for Robyn to have a sleep, a little bit of Zelda (have been playing lots this week!), piano and recorder lessons, had tea, then went out for violin/Stage by Stage/Wind Group as usual. Appreciated the return of my chauffeur after two weeks doing that run without him 😉

On Thursday we met up with our friend Becca to do something with her in celebration of her birthday. The weather didn’t look great so we ended up at Crealy – then it actually turned out to be a nice day! We played in the play areas, treated Becca (and ourselves) to a panini in the cafe, walked across the bridges to the lake where we fed the ducks, came back up and the children played in the sandpits for a while, then we rode the carousel and Becca even took Joe on the log flume, she was obviously feeling reckless 😉

Birthday Log Flume Ride

After that, swimming and ballet lessons and an early night, Steve and I were both tired, but it still felt very odd to be going upstairs past the kids’ rooms saying goodnight to them and them all still being awake when we went to bed – that’s just wrong, surely?!!

Today was County Show Day. We had a great day; Josiah took photos of everything he thought Steve would have liked to see, which was mainly cars. The highlight of our day was probably Andrei Burton (a top mountain bike trials rider) doing a display at the Cycle Exeter stand, he was amazing! Robyn loved all the animals, predictably. Oh, and our other fave stand was a science education one where there were all sorts of primary science type activities, as well as circus skills and a clown, we stayed there for a really long time, almost as long as the queue for the face painting 😉

Things Daddy (and the girls) Would Have Liked To See Flowerpot Men Watching the shire horse competition Things Daddy Would Have Liked To See

We spent far too much money on food and other rubbish and came home with far too many fluffy sticky advertising bugs, pens, and carrier bags. Still I guess at least the pens and carrier bags will come in handy. Prize for most useless giveaway must go to DVLA, who, in May, were giving away windscreen scrapers :roll:

Home to generally veg out and then Joe lost his first tooth. For some reason this makes me stupidly emotional, my baby losing his baby teeth. He is quite excited that the tooth fairy has gone out to play poker tonight, as the tooth fairy promised that if he won, he’d be in a good mood *and* have some money by the time he came home to look under people’s pillows!

Oh, and I almost forgot, Anna got a Thank You Certificate at school for passing a Librarian’s Test and therefore being awarded the honourable title of Library Assistant, complete with shiny badge :)


  1. Ruth says

    What’s this Librarian’s test then? Riona is a library helper – is that a different thing?

  2. says

    Ruth, I don’t have a clue, just quoting the certificate and the badge!

    Nic – nope, she failed that one! Her guess was 500s somewhere … so then we checked, and now she knows 😉

  3. says

    Looks like you didn’t end up going to the poker thing tonight either… I just don’t have any money to lose at the moment, otherwise I would have thought about it. Looks like you have a had a nice week, even though it was busy. My week’s been ok, a bit tiring at uni and still waiting to hear about the upgrade… Enjoy your weekend and hope to see you soon :)

  4. Ruth says

    Riona is a librarian too. She’s pretty miffed that she hasn’t had a thank you certificate for eons. Her quote “do I have to be bad Mummy and then get good to get one?” Not suggesting that Anna is bad but Riona’s annoyance that only the wonderful kids and the really bad ones who improve get any recognition at school.

  5. says

    Ivonne, one of these days you and I must go and thrash the lot of them. I just couldn’t be bothered to get a babysitter.

  6. says

    rofl at librarian rivalry. think week looks fun. i miss the otley farming spring fair. there really should be a big one at east of england showground

  7. says

    Looks like a fab week. DCS looks great, we could have gone today as J is now much better but the idea of wandering around in weekend crowds does not appeal. There’s always next year…

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