Day out at Brean

This second week of holidays was meant to be a family week together but inevitably errands, work, and other things took over as they always do – so we chose to just have Friday as a day out instead. The children wanted to go to Brean and so we agreed, despite my reservations … and actually had a lovely day out together.

They loved all the fairground rides, and as well as that we all had a very pleasant walk along the beach, nice lunch in a quiet pub, spent some time in the arcades wasting 2ps (but we did win rather a lot of keyrings!), then a few more rides before coming home again. The weather was lovely until the end of the day – it started raining as we drove away.

Extreme Wild Water Abbie on dodgems Lone rider Rollercoaster Magic Mouse Kids on waltzers Steve on the phone Steve on the phone again

All in all it was a lovely day together. Steve wasn’t on the phone all day, just enough for me to add a couple of photos to my collection of pics of him on the phone 😉 Should have taken a photo of us with our stash in the arcade as well – we had loads of fun there, and exchanged our tickets for levitra ed sweets that we then all munched our way through. Reminded me of the grabbers in Looe 😉
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