Time for a new post

No time to write one though, definitely no time to be adding photos, either! I do wonder, when there’s been an extra day in the weekend, how I’ve managed to end up still feeling as though there wasn’t enough time to get everything done. Laundry – never ending laundry. Cleaning – ditto (and I don’t even do very much of it).

The weekend’s been busy – no Steve all weekend as he was off racing (more on that later). The rest of us had ECO as usual on Saturday morning, then a bit of homework on Saturday afternoon before heading to Poole for a Night at the Movies with the BSO – a concert full of John Williams’ film themes. Joe, Anna and I really enjoyed it – Abbie enjoyed spending the evening with a friend instead!

On Sunday Abbie and I went to join Isca Church handing out doughnuts and coffee at the Great West Run; then we all watched Young Musician of the Year while I folded the laundry and did the ironing. Steve got home and we were very proud of him; he’d won his class on both days and set a new class record :)

Monday started with some caching in the morning, while everyone else stayed in bed. I got home late morning, as they were getting up. I headed out to help with a community BBQ and the rest of them slobbed around a bit more … then had to finish my school work in the evening. Poof, there goes a long weekend. Blink and you miss it. I could do with three days every weekend.

Apart from that, we’ve all just been working, in our various places, so not much else to report. I’m still loving my new job, I’m very pleased I made the move. Happy.cash advance henderson nc


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