Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend

What a relief to get to half term – I think I’d been working harder than I realised! Having stupidly arranged to drop a bassoon down to a woodwind specialist on Dartmoor on Saturday I fought bank holiday traffic to get there (must THINK next time!) … then spent the rest of the day doing very little indeed – bliss. Sunday was church and then the laundry, and a bit of preparation for today.

Today – our very own street party – apparently the first one ever to have taken place in our close. I thought about organising something last year for the Royal Wedding and didn’t get round to it, so this year the children and I decided to actually sort something out. We put invitations through doors in all the houses in the street, then sat back and waited to see what would happen. There was an overwhelmingly positive response – brilliant! Some people couldn’t make it but pretty much everyone who was around was keen on the idea. Next another note giving some rough timings and simply asking for pot luck donations, and that (as well as the purchasing of a bit of tableware etc.) was the sum total of my ‘organisation’. Well, I did make some emergency additional bunting too …

Setting up was a joint effort – as we put our decorations up a few more people came out with bunting too, and balloons – tables came from various households and everyone brought out chairs, as well as food and drink contributions. It looked great, and we had an amazing spread of food – we started with the national anthem and then dug into the food.

Jubilee cake stand Street party Street party Street party from above!

We had a quiz (thank you streetparty) and then ‘Play Your Cards Right’ which some other neighbours brought out and everyone enjoyed playing – plus a hunt for royal faces hidden in houses down the street, and the standard ‘guess the celebrity’ game with a sticker on your back …

Jubilee quiz team Children working on the treasure hunt Play your cards right

I’d initially said ’12-2pm’ on the letter, but everyone was there until around 4pm when the first people started to drift off. At 5pm I half-heartedly started to clear up – by 6ish I’d had enough! At 7pm there were still a few people out chatting in the close – so I’d say the party was a success.

Apparently we are going to have these ‘street-meets’ more often :)

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