What happened to June?!

I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than a month without posting before. That, dear readers (both of you), is how busy we’ve been recently! The rest of June and the first week of July, for that matter, disappeared into a quagmire of work and school and rain – we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now as the children break up from school next week and I only have two more weeks to go … thank goodness. If we see some sunshine it will be an added bonus – at least the rain won’t seem so bad without it meaning wet play!

So, the highlight of June was the anticipation and arrival of our twin nieces, Charis and Isabelle.

Twins day 1 Charis & Isabelle with Meg

Steve and I made a mad dash up to see them on the day they were born but the kids haven’t met their new cousins yet. Miriam is doing amazingly well and we are just so thrilled for her and Adam – and I can’t wait to see the babies again soon :)

Apart from that, we have had Josiah’s Marquee concert at school, in which he played a solo – a big deal! It mainly went ok – at least the ending was good this time 😉

Joe also won a prize at school for chorister progress – he is singing quite beautifully now, and brought home a pretty good end of term report too. Anna passed her bassoon grade 7 with merit – not bad for a third instrument I suppose 😉 She’s also joined the EMG which is a good move – something to stretch her! Abbie finally finished being grounded and has tried to be sensible since then … luckily her grounding finished just before panto auditions this year! Abbie’s school report was pretty good this term, perhaps that’s what being grounded does?! The three of them are as busy and messy and grumpy but lovely as ever :)

We’ve had the ECO summer concert which the committee have been known to moan about but this year it was worth doing since our outdoor end of term event has had to be cancelled due to the weather.

SWMS ECO members

Lots of ECO members (well, five, but two weren’t there when I took this photo at the concert!) got places at SWMS too so I was very proud of them.
Steve’s hillclimb this weekend is also cancelled – he was most disappointed. He’s currently top of the leaderboard for the ASWMC hillclimb championship but this could all change …

At work it’s been busy as usual. You can now buy a van from Steve Clarke Cars, as well as all the offers down at Water Lane Garage – local Groupon users might have seen our air conditioning offer there – interesting to use these internet thingies as a business having only seen it from the consumer side before.
I’ve done some different things at work too: hosted a coffee morning for parents, done a nursery visit for a potential new pupil, sat in on an ICT assessment – nothing amazing but all new for me, so lots to learn and take in – and I’m generally still loving the job.

So … I think we’re ready for summer. Just wondering if we’re actually going to get one this year?!payday loans oregon

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