Our family bank holiday weekend …

At one point in our family life, I might have attempted to plan something for the family to do over the bank holiday weekend – I am beginning to feel those days are long gone, everyone has their own interests these days, and this weekend has been an example of that.

Steve has been racing down at Werrington – he had a good weekend, winning his class both days and beating the class record (which he set last year) on Sunday. His Monday was spent recovering, food shopping, and trying to put up my rotary washing line that he bought me for my birthday. It’s still not up though :roll:

Anna had a school music competition final on Saturday, so went up to London on the train with a gang of people from her school (and me). It was a fun day out – neither she nor the other girl from her school who was in the final were placed in the top three in their categories, but it didn’t really matter – it was such a diverse set of musicians that it was impossible to judge it anyway. She had church and then a singing lesson on Sunday, followed by a sleepover with a friend, somehow justified by the inclusion of some English revision (as if!).

Abbie, meanwhile, went on a youth weekend away to Bernard’s Acre. All I have heard about it so far is that she spent a lot of time backcombing her hair!

Josiah had services to sing this weekend, so to manage fitting those in as well, he went to stay at the lovely boarding house – a big treat for him. The choristers went to Bournemouth on Saturday, sang two services on Sunday, and then Joe went home for a sleepover with a friend on Sunday, and spent Monday enjoying the sunshine with his friend in North Devon.

I spent Saturday with Anna in London, Sunday at church, then playing taxi until 4pm, when I came home and did laundry – just a standard weekend for me! Fitted my school work in on the train, while waiting for the singing lesson to finish, etc. I did enjoy a bit of peace and quiet on Sunday afternoon in the house on my own, and Steve & I managed some time together in the evening, before he fell asleep (apparently sitting around in a field and driving for all of 3 minutes is very tiring). Monday was long reserved as a day off for me, so a bit of caching was the order of the day. The highlight of the geocaches today was one ‘hidden’ 80ft up a tree, which needed full climbing gear to get to! Plus about 30 others 😉

NEXT bank holiday weekend, though, I am claiming for the family – we WILL do something together!purchase levitra


  1. Ruth says

    Steve bought you a WASHING LINE for your birthday? How on earth did he get away with that?

  2. says

    I’m not entirely sure. Still, it’s as good as useless if he doesn’t blummin’ well put the darn thing up!

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