Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I may blog more over the summer … then again I may not. Here is a random post in reverse order …

Inflatable fun at TransformWe’ve just got home from a week at Transform – Steve and I went with Abbie and her friend Chloe, Josiah, and a whole group of friends from church. It was a lovely week away – weather was ‘ok’ for camping and we enjoyed catching up with a lot of old friends as well as family, too. I helped out in the children’s work, which was fun (though very bizarre in many ways when compared to my day job!). Generally a really good week. Abbie took lots of photos but I only took a couple of them while we were manning the ‘Gladiator’ bouncy castle thing 😉

Anna couldn’t come as she was on her last SWMS residential – she is forced to leave SWMS as her place there is funded by the same DFE grant that her place at Wells will be, and she can’t have both. SWMS has been brilliant for her, it has brought a real breadth to her musical education as well as given her a load of excellent friends … so sad all round that she couldn’t come to Transform and is leaving SWMS, on the other hand we’ve got home and having missed one another, everyone is being quite lovely!

End of term Laser TagThe end of term was much needed – as usual everyone broke up before I did. I celebrated the end of term with Laser Tag with a few of my team – shame that not everyone could come, next time we will have to get the whole team there as it was a lot of fun. Work itself was manic at the end of term – as well as a fabulous Art Week and exhibition at the local Gallery (our big red T-Rex had pride of place outside the front door!), with one week to go our class list has had huge changes meaning that all my work on timetabling and groups is going to have to be re-done over the summer. On the other hand it meant I got to meet some lovely new children and it will be exciting to have so many new families to work with next year. I spent this week talking to various people about what my job entails now and it does underline to me that I really do love it, despite it being such hard work. I am missing my schoolchildren even now – I go from day to day noticing little things and thinking about how different ones of them would react or respond etc. Anyway I’ll shut up now 😉

Anna's promAnna celebrated the end of exams/term with a prom and some general laziness, as well as the inevitable out of county music residential – North Somerset this time for the South West Youth Wind Sinfonia, so she took her bassoon and the contrabassoon which she has on loan for the summer again, and went off to a music friend’s house for the week … the conductor was very impressed and said that they should both apply for the National Youth Wind Orchestra (we will see what her new bassoon teacher says about that but since he’s one of the tutors I can’t think he’d complain too much …). The Grade 8 exam results for Anna this summer have been exceptional – to add to the pass in piano in the Autumn she’s added a distinction in cello (132), voice (133), and bassoon (138). If only she’d learnt her scales better the bassoon mark would have been even better – the pieces and sightreading were practically full marks. So we’re very proud parents really.

Abbie had a relaxed end to her term too – she had a couple of ‘reward’ things at school; a Glamping Activity trip away for a couple of nights (reward for achievement iirc) and then a BBQ/Bouncy Castle type event for some other reward, I can’t remember what now! No detentions? She also helped out with hospitality at a number of school events which she really enjoyed. Abbie passed a flute exam too – she took Trinity Grade 6 (didn’t want to do Gr5 theory!), but she’s decided not to carry on with lessons (boo!) as she would rather do riding so we are going to fix that up over the summer.

Exeter Cathedral Choir on tour in ViennaJosiah finished ages ago too – but almost immediately went on a choir tour to Vienna for a week. We were incredibly jealous, Vienna looked amazing from the photos that we were sent by one of the Cathedral Canons. True to form, Joe didn’t really say much about it, and came home with photos of a theme park and animals in the zoo!

Can’t think what to say about Steve … everything is just ongoing – work and hillclimbs and band practice etc., and no end of term for him! The summer is inevitably slightly more relaxing for Steve too, though, as the children do less and I do more at home!

UntitledBefore all that there was June, in which Anna took a lot of exams, then she and I enjoyed going up to celebrate the twins’ first birthday with a family BBQ, we had a new entrants’ evening at Wells and saw her beautifully located boarding house. Steve, Josiah and I also visited Eton which is a story I will tell at another time. As well as that we had a German Exchange student to stay, Steve went on hillclimbs every weekend, I did a bit of geocaching, played too much New Leaf, and life carried on at 100mph with lessons and choir and school etc etc etc!

The rest of the summer holds more residentials: Mill on the Brue for Abbie, and Loch Lomond/Edinburgh with JUTP for the other two, then Anna has SWYO as well, which ends on results day. While they’re all busy with those I need to get my head down and work hard! I may get a few days work at my old school’s summer playscheme if I’m lucky, as I’m down to be a ‘cover’ person there – I was missing the children! I have promised myself that I’m going to learn to play the guitar, too, this summer, so that’s an additional challenge for me in my free time 😉

After that I guess we’ll have the usual round of haircuts, shoe shopping, and goodness knows what else in order to be ready for September. Not sure I’m ever really going to be ready for Septembers from now on as they entail children leaving … still not sure whether that needs a :) or a :( … probably a bit of both!100 mg viagra us pharmacy


  1. Lins says

    Hello again! Wow, that’s an awful lot of grade 8’s for Anna! That’s seriously impressive! Oscar is doing the SWMS Youth Orch for the first time so we’ll look out for Anna there and perhaps see you at the concert?
    Sounds like exciting times all round as usual. I have no idea how you fit it all in… xx

    • says

      Yes we’ll be there, with the ubiquitous GCSE results envelope in our hands to give to her afterwards. Anna has really enjoyed SWYO so I’m sure Oscar will too!

      • Lins says

        Oh yes, I’d forgotten about it being “that” day. Gosh! Oscar only has GCSE astronomy to get which I think he’s forgotten all about anyway! See you there! x

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