While the mice are away …

What to do while the children are away?

Well, other than working, we decided to do a 5 day detox diet. As you do. We’re vaguely following the juicemaster plan although I am not getting too concerned about the more odd ingredients, as if I stay in Sainsbury’s for too long looking for them it will end up being a juice and doughnuts diet! My prediction is that Steve will find the lack of food quite challenging, whereas I will find the exercise more of a struggle … but it’s only five days so we really ought to be able to manage. Having written this post I realise I ought to have taken more photos but I didn’t – out of the habit!

Day 1
I managed 15 mins of a half hour workout before giving up. Not too bad for someone who really doesn’t do much exercise at all. Steve was still in bed 😉 Both showered and at work by 8am with just a fruit tea to keep us going. Steve’s due home at 10am for a meeting with our financial advisor so we’ll have our first juice then …

Lunchtime update: Steve is struggling, unsurprisingly. I have been at home sorting paperwork and haven’t found it too much trouble, yet … I do keep thinking about food though :-/

Finally … neither of us were hungry but both of us found it fairly torturous to go to the shop and buy the fruit and veg for the next four days! Bread, chocolate and wine have never been so tempting. We both agreed that the juices tasted nice but we also both just wanted to actually eat something, we felt full of liquid and a bit sloshy! Lazily watched tv in the evening; I ate an avocado and he ate a banana.

Day 2
Another 15 min workout complete – turns out that yesterday I’d practically made it to the half way point of a double workout, so when I came to do the rest of the video it was the same as the day before. Still fairly pleased to have managed that. We might go for a walk or something later …

Have sent Steve off with his 10am juice in a bottle and expecting him back for Ruby Tuesday (the beetroot one!) at 1pm. Time for some work now.

Finished the day with my sister on a gorilla hunt around Exeter – we fitted the last juice in in the middle. Steve was struggling with a headache in the evening but I made him just go to bed and stop moaning …

Day 3
Unfortunately started with the garage alarm going off at 2am and phoning us, so Steve had to leap out of bed to go and sort it out. Luckily it must have been an errant spider rather than anything more ominous. I did wonder quite what I’d have done if he hadn’t come home so quickly!

First shake of the day was a berry/banana/yoghurt concoction which I really liked :) And I’m working hard. Didn’t do any exercise this morning though, will have to re-address that tonight …
Daytime juices were very zingy, lots of lime juice (as well as apple, pear, spinach, broccoli and cucumber). Steve says he’s still got a headache, which goes to show he was drinking more caffeine than me, as mine has pretty much gone now…
I just want to eat crisps … but I held out 😉

Steve came home moaning about being tired so I sent him to bed, supposedly for a nap before we went to the cinema – we didn’t make it. He couldn’t manage to rouse himself in time for the film and to be fair I didn’t bother with any exercise either :( We ended up watching Headhunters here which was great actually. And went to bed before we got hungry!

Day 4
Up early again, I feel great I must admit – though am not managing as much exercise as is recommended – it’s so BORING. We both sneaked onto the scales this morning and both seem to have lost a couple of pounds already which is encouraging. The challenge will be to keep going! (I have ordered the next book, it’s got to be worth it. Weekend off then start the next 14 day plan. Not sure Steve will be in or not but I hope he will as his beer belly was getting ridiculous!)
Not so keen on this morning’s juice, though this may have been my fault as I put too much green pepper in it. Palatable nonetheless.
Worked all morning then decided I’d done enough for one week so sat and read a book in the afternoon, and we watched Looper in the evening :)

Day 5
So a day off from schoolwork today and hurrah, great turnip prices in Animal Crossing so I spent quite some time on that today. Juices were good again, I like the pink ones best! Remind me not to bother with mint though, I find it overpowers the other flavours …
Steve is going out for a drink after work – I’ve told him to drink water but I’m not sure he’ll be able to!

I’ve quite enjoyed myself this week. Yes, I’ve been at home working with not a lot else to do, so it’s been easy for me – definitely harder for Steve (though I think it would have fitted in well with a school day for me if I’d got organised in the mornings so I’m not averse to carrying on). We already had a good juicer that I bought a few years ago when I had a bit of a juicing fad then, so I didn’t have to spend money on that, so it hasn’t even really been that expensive. I like juicing and I’ve generally enjoyed the taste of the juices. I’ve not felt hungry, well, not any more than I usually would on an average day. And I’ve lost 2kg between day 1 and day 6. Steve reckons he has lost around 2kg too and his massive beer belly is definitely smaller which is the thing I was most worried about!

So, today: Steve is working, but we had a small cooked breakfast together to celebrate the end of the five days. We’re going to have a couple of juices during the day and then a light dinner with Abbie when she gets home. Sunday I expect I’ll be able to stick to juice and salads without too much trouble even though we’re out, it’s a BBQ and I’m making salad so I know there will be plenty! Might have a glass of wine though – just one 😉 And then on Monday I’m fully intending to start the 14 day plan. Steve still says we should join a gym but I don’t think there’s any point, it will be a waste of money. However, it would be good if we could find some sort of exercise that we enjoy doing together and actually get off our backsides and do it … time will tell!


  1. Chris says

    I think Steve would love cycling. You can spend thousands on bikes, accessories, clothing, computers, special energy gels. Just his sort of thing.

  2. Debbie says

    I always think there is a market for a gym where you commit to doing x amount of sessions per week, and you only have to pay IF YOU DON’T.
    I exercise in the form of walking the dog, which is another slightly drastic way to do it, but when it is pouring with rain outside in mid-winter it’s the only way to get me off my backside and out of doors!

  3. says

    Chris, he already has a bike languishing in the garage, as do I.

    I think Debbie’s right, that’s the sort of gym I’d commit to! And I have often thought about getting a dog in order to get me outside more but in termtime it just wouldn’t be fair as we’re all out all the time.

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