Autumn One

I have been meaning to blog for SO long … half a term is nearly over so I’d better get on with it.

Back in September we said goodbye to Anna, when we took her up to Wells for the start of her New Adventure at Boarding School. Unsurprisingly, she is loving it – we were all ready for it and it is a simply amazing opportunity for her. We went up to visit last weekend on a beautifully warm October Sunday, and Steve and I sat in the Bishop’s Palace tea rooms while the children mooched around Wells together, before going out for dinner. She really does have a charmed life, that child. Don’t miss her that much really – only at weekends 😉 Josiah has missed her more I think. Anyway she’s home in a week’s time, quite where we are going to put her I don’t know!

The rest of us left at home have been playing musical bedrooms as we have swapped everything around in order to empty the top room for refurbishment. We are part way through – Steve has ripped out the shower and wall behind the shower where water had leaked in and the wall/floor were rotting away, and he is now ready to start putting things back in. It’s all taking a bit longer than I would have liked, but it’s not costing as much as if someone else had done the job …

Abbie’s Y10 has got off to a good start I think – actually we don’t hear about much other than Catering lessons! She’s been doing ‘Food from another Culture’, and picked Japan so that she could make more sushi and mochi – obviously we’d done sushi at home before but never mochi so that was a new venture for her!

Josiah is working hard in Y8 too – the pressure is on at his school for Common Entrance exams this year, and he has also got to decide which school he wants to apply to next. We have a top three in mind now, having done a few school visits in recent months. They range from Very Posh and Expensive to Posh but still too Expensive, so if none of that works out he’ll be applying to Abbie’s school! He’s now at the top of the choir (singing beautifully too – I would say that because I’m biased, but a member of the cathedral congregation said it to us as well the other day so it’s not only a mum thing), and Senior Chorister installations are on Monday – I might even be allowed to take a photo 😉

Work is going ok – it is completely manic and full on all of the time, with a class of 18 SEN children, 9 of whom are completely new to school. Back in September I was looking forward to the challenge; now I am slightly worried that it’s all a bit too much to deal with … but deal with it I must, it’s too late now! I am working *really* hard this year – though thankfully with some additional PPA time assigned so that does help. By half term we will have a fully staffed team, having run this half term with a fair bit of sickness and temporary staffing, so I am quite looking forward to that. The team of TAs continue to be amazing and brilliant, giving over and above of their time and energy, so we get on ok between us :) And the children are all lovely … one at a time! It’s just the combination of them all together that’s a bit hard to deal with! Anyway. I’m still convinced that I spend more time teaching routines in the toilet than teaching actual lessons – for my next observation I might ask the head to come and watch me in there!

The garage seems to be going ok too, I feel I ought to mention it 😉 Steve is also doing lots of music at the moment. He handed in his notice with one band and literally the next week was phoned up by another person looking for a drummer, so he’s already started drumming with a newly formed band as well. I would link to it but it’s so new that I don’t think they even have a name or a website yet …


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