Just another morning here

The title of the blog comes from a Nanci Griffith song lyric, “Just another morning here” from the album “Late Night Grande Hotel”. Which always leads me on to thinking of Grande Espace, Grande Voyager, and any other Grande cars I could care to think of. Anyway, it’s one of my all time favourite albums and songs.

The other reason for choosing that as the title for the blog was that at the time of choosing it, I had one of *those* experiences that could only be God. We were simply driving along in the car, taking one of the children somewhere, and I was thinking through a few things that were going on at the time, and I suddenly had an amazing sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence in the car, and I was really strongly reminded of God’s unconditional love for us. Despite any messes we might get into, with relationships, money, conversations, whatever, He still loves us, and loves us enough to have sent Jesus for us. So I guess I was just reminded of His grace and mercy, which are new for us every morning … so to be able to choose a two-fold meaning-holding title for my blog means something special – and every time I read the title I’m reminded of it all.