Almost Summer

Twins in a tractor

Anna moaned at me today for not blogging regularly enough so I thought I would remedy that fact – I finished one blog post and here is another one! So, it has been sunny enough to be summer recently, but personally I have only felt summery in the past couple of days, mainly because we […]

Almost Easter


We have nearly made it to the Easter holidays – it has been a long and stressful term, for me at least, but I’m not going to go into details of that here 😉 Despite the angst at work, it’s also still a lovely place to be, my class team of TAs and the group […]



We’ve had quite a calm, chilled out holiday time here, though too much school work and not enough photos taken for my liking. Well, not enough sensible ones, anyway! Anna came home mid-December, luckily we had just finished the Great Room Swaparound, so she and Josiah are now sharing the back bedroom; Abbie has her […]

Gorillas and Gromits


After finding all the Exeter gorillas with my sister, just for fun, my OCD took over and I had to go down to Torbay to find the rest … done in an afternoon with a friend who lives down that way. I had better win the competition after that! I enjoyed it, so … when […]

While the mice are away …

Gorilla Hunt

What to do while the children are away? Well, other than working, we decided to do a 5 day detox diet. As you do. We’re vaguely following the juicemaster plan although I am not getting too concerned about the more odd ingredients, as if I stay in Sainsbury’s for too long looking for them it […]

Absence makes the heart grow fonder


I may blog more over the summer … then again I may not. Here is a random post in reverse order … We’ve just got home from a week at Transform – Steve and I went with Abbie and her friend Chloe, Josiah, and a whole group of friends from church. It was a lovely […]

Our family bank holiday weekend …

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 22.05.42

At one point in our family life, I might have attempted to plan something for the family to do over the bank holiday weekend – I am beginning to feel those days are long gone, everyone has their own interests these days, and this weekend has been an example of that. Steve has been racing […]

Last weekend of the holidays


Earlier this week I decided that I couldn’t let the holiday go by without going to visit my gorgeous twin nieces, so we fixed up a trip to see both sets of Oxfordshire cousins. We had a lovely day – lunch and a walk with one family, then tea, games and Dr Who with the […]