Roundup of 2003

Our first year of home education. Most of it can be found in the archives of this weblog in more detail, and I suspect most regular readers have been reading since the start of the blog anyway, but I wanted to do a ‘highlights’ post for each year.

In terms of quantifiable stuff that I (or others!) laid on for the children, this is some of what we achieved during the year – Anna was 6, Abbie was 4, Joe was 2:

A project on the Romans with Roman banquet included – with Aunty Jacky.
A project on Ecuador including an authentic Ecuadorian meal – with our friend Maria.
A Caterpillar and Butterfly project, including a visit to the Butterfly and Otter Sanctuary

Mini projects on China and France – the France thing was a just a bit of a pre-amble to our family holiday, but hey, that still counts!

Using Einstein Online (which is no longer available, but at the time was a daily maths/english/science quiz thing)

The Young Scientist’s club
Science kits usually once a month

Book track at the library for Anna, which she completed (reading 100 books) in the first six months of the year.

A postcard exchange with other home educators around the UK

Gardening! We grew courgettes and tomatoes successfully in our very small rockery garden this year.

Swimming lessons, bike riding, and Laser Camp for the girls. Oh, and Anna went to school one afternoon a week for Dance and Drama lessons, as well as to satisfy a bit of her ‘I miss my schoolfriends’ feeling.

Art, craft, and cooking factored fairly prominently too.

Plenty of visits – we had a season ticket to Pennywell Farm and used that loads. We also visited Snibston Discovery Centre, Killerton, Bicton, Powderham Castle, the Devon County Show, and all the other parks I could possibly get to 😉

We struggled a bit to get into the local home ed groups, although we did take part in various things through the year. Personally I really appreciated the friend and support network that I found through the Early Years HE list, and having briefly met a few of them in January at a camp in Okehampton, Summer 2003 found us on our first Home Ed camp with friends from that group, which we really enjoyed.

A few of Anna’s teeth fell out, I think Abbie learnt to read, and Joe was fully potty trained during the year as well …

During the first part of the year I’d been working a tiny bit in the business with Steve, and the children had been going to a childminder’s for that half day every week. In September of 2003 Steve’s dad came to work for us, and so I stopped the part time hours.

I ended up the year taking things very easy due to having lacerated a tendon in my index finger (I normally like to say that it was Steve’s fault for dropping a broken mirror on it 😉 ) which pretty much put me out of action for 6 weeks, and was quite an education for all of us! But despite that, it was a brilliant first year of home ed family life, I think. Have I forgotten anything?

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