Roundup of 2005

2005, our third year of home education. A very brief round up, really. I have appreciated having the blog in place in order to look back on all this stuff, I’d forgotten most of it!

End of the Ancient Greeks project with Aunty Jacky.
The Tudors – rounded up with a lapbook. Plus a bit of a Shakespeare thing going on, in a very low key way.
Very Hungry Caterpillar lapbook project (mainly Josiah’s!)
A little venture into movie-making!
The start of a Narnia literature project.
A Jesse Tree during Advent

Centerparcs with friends
Melrose Muddle Puddle Camp (I hardly blogged about camp itself, but remembering this amused me 😉 )
Camping in March and May in a tent, 28:18 … then October in our camper!
Spring Harvest
Hesfes (start here and go forward for more posts if you’re interested)
Home Ed camp at Okehampton Youth Hostel

Birmingham Botanical Gardens with friends, and Cadbury World a few weeks later with the same friends!
South West Pirate Festival at Morwellham Quay
Portsmouth Harbour to see the Mary Rose with other MuddlePuddle Home Ed friends
Killerton (for various things!)
The beach!
Workshops at the museum
The Eden Project
Living Coasts
@ Bristol

Other Stuff:
Owl Puke – a fab kit that we had for Christmas which involved taking apart an owl pellet and reconstructing a rodent’s skeleton – highly recommended!
Gamecube and Bongo Drums
– justifiable on educational grounds of course 😉
A Home Ed day in photos
Animated Exeter stuff
Ongoing cello lessons/swimming lessons, plus this year the start of piano lessons/music appreciation for Joe, violin for Joe, and recorder for Abbie. Oh, plus Start Right for Josiah until the summer.
Science kits continued throughout the year. We discovered Neopets, played a lot there as well as on other computer games. Spent a fair bit of time at Crealy. Doctor Who was on the TV and Anna spent loads of time on the website, almost as obsessively as her mother!
Maths and English workbooks ongoing throughout the year, plus plenty of reading.
We had plenty of visits from friends :)
Lots of fun at Home Ed group!
Again, this year we did a fair bit of gardening.
And we had another lovely Christmas :)

Thinking about school happened here, here, here, and in November 2005, although I didn’t blog the last one! So not altogether surprising that we ended up going down the school route in early 2006, but more on that in another post.

From the summer to the end of the year, Steve and I did a jobshare – starting off with me just working weekends and ending up with us doing half-time each. We had a few niggles along the way but generally it worked really well.

Into Home Education

Choosing School