Roundup of 2007

This is the ubiquitous roundup of the year for 2007, enjoy :)

Josiah’s been the one with the biggest change to weekdays in 2007; in October he decided to go back to school after a year’s home education. We love home ed, but it had become hard work with one child at home and two at school, so it has been a good change all round. The girls are still loving their time at school too, and have both enjoyed school life to the full this year, including some great trips and residentials.

School Photo

The kids do various things after school – Anna has enjoyed Stage by Stage which culminated in a performance of High School Musical recently; she’s also been doing ballet, although she has recently decided to stop these in favour of cello/music commmitments. Joe and Abbie have both made good progress with their swimming, and all three children have enjoyed being involved with the church kids’ club, Friday Fish.

For Steve, weekdays have been split between the two garages, and for Sarah they have been spent working wherever necessary – although new jobs may be on the horizon for her but those will have to figure in next year’s news!

Weekends in 2007 have continued to be a mixture of work and leisure – some bike rides, some camping, trips out here and there, art and craft, being with friends, and more recently the addition of Orchestra for Anna on Saturdays as well as church on Sundays. All this mixed in with a liberal sprinkling of films, oh, and some wild driving, too.

We had some great holidays in 2007, although they were mainly wet!!

Over Easter (probably the best weather of all!) we stayed in a big house with all of my family – 15 of us altogether – I think we all really enjoyed spending the time together!

In May we camped near Windsor – the plan was to cycle up and down the Thames but we didn’t get to do much of that! We did manage a day with friends and a trip to Legoland despite the rain.

June saw us camping at Kessingland with home ed. friends, and this was so wet that our brand new folding camper had to be towed out of a flooded field by a tractor!

In July we went to a church camp which only had one or two days of rain but plenty of mud as a result!

We travelled to the Netherlands and Belgium in August for a fantastic family holiday with a vast spectrum of weather – although I can’t possibly sum up the fortnight in a sentence as the whole trip was so diverse in many ways.

All the children continue to work hard at their music, and we are really proud of their efforts and achievements. It is now reaching the point where their technical abilities on their instruments are better than ours! They certainly practice more 😉

Anna won her cello class at Devon Performing Arts festival at Easter, and passed Grade 4 cello in the summer. She’s now playing in the Exeter Children’s Orchestra which she enjoys despite it meaning getting up early on Saturdays.

Abbie passed Grade 1 piano and recorder over the summer, and has since started learning flute which she is finding a challenge but she’s working hard at it. I sometimes have to do a double take to see which one of the girls is playing the piano these days! Abbie’s also enjoyed playing in a Wind Group, as well as being part of the school choir.

Josiah is making great progress on both violin and piano – although not always easy, he is being encouraged to keep working at it! Just recently in particular he’s enjoyed being able to practice carols with a bigger group of children and is looking forward to busking with them in town just before Christmas.

Both the sales garage and the mechanics workshop are still running well, and keeping Steve (and sometimes Sarah) busy. There was a time when we marked periods in our lives by which house we lived in, but since we have settled in one house for a while we are now marking time by which car we are driving …
2007 has been the year of the Alpina, which we have both fallen in love with – can’t see us ever loving another car quite as much! We also loved our Murvi Vito camper but sold it this year in favour of a folding camper instead (getting old and middle aged, plus the children got too big for one small campervan!).
Recently Steve also bought a Subaru Impreza for mad off-road driving. He’s enjoyed doing some drag racing and a circuit racing day and has more planned for next year.

The Rest
Wondering if there are any other sub-headings that I should use when summing up our year, but I can’t think of anything. We’ve enjoyed celebrating birthdays and other things along the way, spending time with friends and trying to make the most of opportunities.

It’s been a good year; granted there have been ups and downs in it as there always are in family life, but as a whole, when I look back at it and try to pick out my favourite parts, or photos to illustrate, it is difficult to slim it down enough, or choose even the highlights. This simply makes me feel blessed beyond measure and incredibly grateful for everything God has given us.