Roundup of 2008

I wasn’t sure if I could be bothered to write a yearly roundup, but eventually decided I *had* to otherwise it wouldn’t be nice and tidy on the blog, ocd strikes again 😉 However, for once I got some help from other members of the family by setting them a little quiz to complete. The funniest thing was some of the predictable answers from some members of the family … there are some blanks too … mainly from me!

Our ‘all time best thing’ in 2008
S: Fastest time of the day at Mamhead
S: Getting a job and loving it
A: Christmas
J: My birthday

Best holiday memory from 2008
S: Christmas Day
S: Can’t really pick one out, I just like holidays :) I guess I especially like time with friends so this year was good for having Melrose, May bank holiday, a week with family, and France in it.
A: Driving past Versailles and not realising what it was but taking photos because it looked impressive. And then realising it was Versailles, DOH!
A: Our week staying with Mim and Adam
J: The Christmas holiday

Favourite food eaten in the year?
S: Anything at the Conservatory
S: I knew he’d say that! And I guessed Abbie’s answer for this one too. I liked my spiced aubergine Christmas dinner, plus the rather lovely steak at Harry’s Grill, as well as any meal at the Conservatory.
A: Lasagne
J: Birthday tea

Best item of clothing worn in the year?
S: socks
S: er … who thought up these questions anyway?! Jeans, obviously 😉
A: summer things
A: fingerless gloves (didn’t want to point out that she only got them yesterday so they’re strictly not really from 2008, but never mind!)
J: summer stuff

Favourite book you’ve read this year?
S: Shadow of the Wind It was the only book!
S: Probably Jodie Picoults, if I can’t say the same one as Steve. Have only read books on holiday this year – one stood out and although I can completely remember what it was about, I can’t remember the title. Hopefully it will come to me …
Ah yes, here it is: The Last Testament of Gideon Mack. Really enjoyed it.
A: The Diddakoi Great choice, I re-read it this year too and still loved it.
A: Ella Enchanted actually Ab, I think this is just the most recent book you read!
J: Big Book of Fairy Tales. Hmm. I think he’s read his way through the whole Unfortunate Events series too this year, as well as all the Spy Dogs again when the new one came out, plus loads of Tintin and Asterix, although they clearly weren’t as memorable!

Film you’ve most enjoyed this year?
S: Once
S: I knew he’d say that. I agree. But after that I’d have to say HSM3, for some bizarre reason I really loved it! Also (on a more sensible note) enjoyed And when did you last see your father, The Black Book, and Blood Diamond.
A: Angus, thongs, and perfect snogging
A: Angus, thongs, and perfect snogging no I didn’t just write that twice by accident!
J: Alvin and the Chipmunks oh dear oh dear oh dear!

Favourite school or work memory from the year?
S: nothing? no? that’s because he never works!
S: Making tiny breakthroughs with children at work, can’t blog about them but there have been lots and it’s fab to be part of.
A: China lapbook project
J: the last day of term because we got to laze around all day :)

Most memorable day from 2008?
S: Blowing up the Subaru engine and subsequent conversation with Sarah
S: hm yes I remember that day. Don’t know what mine is.
A: School Prom
J: my birthday there is a theme here I think!

Any achievements from 2008 that you’d like to remember?
S: Personal best at Wiscombe, fastest time of the day at Mamhead another theme appearing here :roll:
S: er … no? Oh yes! finding 100 geocaches :)
A: Distinction in Grade 5 cello
A: Commendation at school
J: no but I’d like to remember his grade 2 violin and suzuki graduation!

Any goals for 2009?
S: Win ASWMC championship (or top 5 would do!). Beat the Cosworth!
S: Keep juggling everything and keep everyone else happy! Staying in business would be good, too. Find another hundred caches?
A: Grade 5 theory
A: no, I just do whatever
J: no.

So there we go, read what you will into all that! Now I have a year to think up how to do my next yearly roundup without too much effort …