Roundup of 2010

It’s that time of year again, so here I am trying to put together another yearly roundup. I’m going to have to go for a month by month approach again, as I can’t remember it all without a few photo prompts!

Pinhoe PantoIn January Anna turned 13, and we had snow – and I thought it was the most snow I’d seen in Exeter at the time. The highlight of the month was probably Pinhoe Panto, which both girls performed in. The girls also sat the 11+ and 13+ exams at St. Margaret’s and both won themselves scholarships so that was really good news! I may have done some geocaching …

After February half term, Anna changed schools. She enjoyed being in Bugsy Malone at St. Luke’s as her parting shot! We visited friends for pancake day – and I did some geocaching – well, it was my birthday!

Self timer for Dad's 60thMarch was the month of the Devon Performing Arts Festival that all the kids took part in, and Josiah won his class on the piano. My dad turned 60 so we got together with family to celebrate that :) Anna finally picked up her new cello from Devon Strings, so that was exciting. We had various concerts (school and orchestra), and I did a bit of geocaching …

In April it was Steve’s dad’s turn to have a 60th birthday so we celebrated with him too! Josiah boarded at the Cathedral over Easter and enjoyed that, and we had friends to stay here too. Joe managed to break his wrist playing games in a friend’s garden during the holidays – and despite that we even did some geocaching 😉

Bay View Farm CampsiteIn May Steve started a new business, as you do. Fits in alongside the other two quite nicely – all valeting happens out there now since there are undercover bays. May’s other highlight was ECO’s 40th Anniversary Concert. As well as that we went to the Devon County Show, and had a few days camping at Looe during May half term, where (ahem) we did a teensy bit of geocaching.

In June Abbie had her Y6 prom at Pinhoe School – she looked beautiful :) Josiah had a birthday, and a school play too … and we went geocaching!

Joseph and his coat of many coloursJuly was mainly about Abigail! She had some great days out learning about ice cream making at the Orange Elephant, while doing a final school project on farming. She left Pinhoe school after her Y6 production which was an Old Testament Mashup. As if one production in a month wasn’t enough, both girls took part in a mini-panto version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Oh, and they both got distinctions in their respective music exams this term – Abbie in Grade 3 flute and Anna in Grade 5 bassoon. I took the kids to Transform and while there we managed to fit in a bit of geocaching!

Steve and me in Red SquareIn August we watched my Dad race around Thruxton on a very wet day. Then we had the hottest holiday ever, in Russia, on a trip with Exeter Children’s Orchestra. It was amazing and can’t be summed up in one sentence so I won’t try – read the details if you want to. Then, back in England, on another exceedingly wet day in August I beat my all time caching record and found over 100 caches in a day – but I have never been so wet in all my life!

DSC_4157In September Abbie started at St. Margaret’s alongside Anna, and I began my teaching job – still at the same school but now as a teacher instead of a TA. Incredibly difficult for lots of reasons. Hillclimb season finished for Steve, and I squeezed in some geocaching.

In October we were all saddened by the loss of Great Grandad Hill. October also had half term in it, when we house-swapped with internet friends, which worked really well. Can’t remember much else from the month but my photos tell me I did yet more caching …

Falling off the stage on the left!Shock horror – no geocaching in November! It was a bit of a rubbish month all round really – November tends to be a bit like that, in my experience. We were just all too busy at work and school … and with ECO and school concerts … and thinking about other things.

Snow dayDecember has been very busy as Decembers usually are. Abbie’s had a birthday, and we’ve enjoyed the run-up to Christmas in our various schools. The Christmas holidays started with a snow day, and as I write we are still under a few inches of snow – unheard of for Exeter, and certainly more snow than I have *ever* seen here. Josiah has just gone back to school to board for his stint of Christmas singing; he’s still loving life as a chorister, with a stay in the boarding house being one of the highlights. It’s all about the breakfast cereal 😉

Last year we set goals and none of us can be that bothered to do it again – we did achieve pretty much all of last year’s though, so that’s good :)

As I’ve done this before Christmas I’m going to post it in time to go out with my Happy Christmas emails – so to everyone reading this, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!